About Us: Orion Integrated Services

Our reach has reinforced Orion’s ability to deliver expert construction services to client across the region. We are constantly improving ourselves to enhance our brand that is synonymous with professionalism, leadership, quality and innovative performance. We have been developing and refining our capabilities & techniques towards innovative engineering. We also have developed significant expertise in a broad spectrum of areas essential to the success of our business. We design, construct & deliver individual turnkey projects. With our proven core expertise & technology, we shape our future across market boundaries & provide all our customers.

Exceptional Human Capital & Talent

Our company is equipped with exceptional science, engineering & design talents, including engineers, and skilled craftspeople. We align their aspiration & goals with our company’s mission resulting in a highly-skilled & highly-motivated workforce. We believe in putting the right person at the right job to achieve peak performance & they are given the opportunities to develop their potential to the fullest.

Proven Diverse Engineering Capabilities

Our expertise is based on long history of developing cost-effective solutions to tough fabrication challenges. We have the expertise & establish an integrated one stop end-to-end services for all our customers from design to fabrication to delivery.

Demonstrated Track Records & Reputations

We have an established reputation & foundation for quality, prompt delivery & reliable service in the building, & construction industries. We have proven track records in projects that are rapidly architected, engineered and delivered with speed and reliability. In addition, we have forged a strong relationship with our customers and suppliers resulting in an impressively high retention rate.

Continuous Improvement Ultimate Motivation